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Westland Wallace

Westland Wallace

The Story

In 1933 this Westland Wallace, piloted by Flight Lieutenant D. F. McIntyre, became the first aircraft to fly clear over the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest. There were two aircraft in this, the Houston Mount Everest Expedition. Lady Houston gave financial support for The Marquis of Clydesdale and Flight Lieutenant McKintyre to fly over Mount Everest and they achieved this on the 3rd April 1933, making history in the process! Extensive modifications were made to the aircraft and equipment, including heated suits to fly in such hostile conditions requiring oxygen and for the airplane to operate at a ceiling of 37,000ft more than 13,000ft higher than the quoted technical statistics for this craft.

The Westland aircraft used on the Everest flight had a tare weight of 3,580lbs. The load carried consisted of :-

  • Crew and heated clothing : 380lbs
  • Oxygen and Filming equipment : 206lbs
  • Fuel and Oil : 1,704lbs
  • Gross Weight : 4,870lbs

Tech Spec:

  • Max Speed: 158 mph
  • Cruise Speed: 135 mph
  • Range: 470 mls
  • Ceiling: 24,100ft
  • Wingspan: 46ft 5"
  • Length: 34ft 2"

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